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Danubio Brut - Sparkling Wine

Danubio Brut - Sparkling Wine
Seller: Velvet Bull Portugal
Sparkling Wine
Arinto, Cercial, Maria Gomes, Bical, Baga
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Aliança Danubio Bruto

It allies the elegance and freshness of Bical, Cercial, Arinto and Maria Gomes varieties to the complexity of the white wine from Baga variety. Joining this precious blend with respect for the traditional process, we create this sparkling wine with gentle bubbles, fruity aroma and balanced acidity.

Sparkling Wine
Color: White
Alcohol: 12,5% vol.
Grapes: Arinto, Cercial, Maria Gomes, Bical and Baga
Aging: 9 months bottled before dégorgement
Serving Temperature: Between 6ºC and 8ºC.

Tasting Notes
Pale citrus colour. Intense fruity aroma with predominance of exotic fruits (mango and passion fruit). Soft flavour, but persistent, with an end slightly acidulous that confers freshness.

We suggest the consumption in social contact and as an appetizer, or ideally with desserts.

Prizes Danubio Bruto
80 Points Magazine O Escanção Nov/Dec 2011 page 22

The storage or keeping conditions of the wine are very important if we want to preserve the wine'.s characteristics and guarantee a regular evolution for a long time. The storage place should guarantee:
- temperature around 10º-12º
- some ventilation to avoid fungus proliferation
- should allow the horizontal disposal of the bottles
- absence of oscillations and vibrations
- absence of unpleasant odors
- bottles should be away from light.
- relative humidity should be high.

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