Dear Customers, we are only processing sales to Spain, Germany, Portugal and Switzerland.

We are changing our procedures and we expect to be back soon with new countries.

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_tax free wines

Tax free wines

tax free wines

» What’s the deal?

You can avoid paying VAT if you belong to one of the two categories below. If you do, this means that all wine throughout the website will be reduced in cost by around 13-23% depending on the category of wine.

» Who can get tax free wines?

- Companies in the EU with a valid European VAT Number

If you’re a company located within the European Union and you have a valid European VAT number, you can get tax free wines. Simply choose the option marked “tax exempt” in the shopping cart and insert your VAT number. See the picture to the left for more details.

Before using your VAT number, check that it’s valid by typing it onto this page

This does not apply to Portugal, which is where the wines are shipped from.

- Anyone buying from outside the EU

If you are an individual or a company buying wines from outside of the European Union, you do not have to pay VAT. To be eligible for the tax discount, the wines must be shipped to a country outside of the EU.

To see the prices of the wines minus the VAT costs, login to the website and choose the country you live in on your profile page (must be outside of the EU).

If you purchase wines from outside of the EU, you will be exempt from VAT but a 10% tax for export paperwork will apply – however, your own country could ask you for taxes, so check with your customs department for more information.