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Over 2000

Low minimum order

Business account to Germany

Only for wine traders or resellers. To apply for free fill the form below.

Welcome to the Business account creation process for Germany.

Open an account with us and you will have access to more than 2000 wines.

Rules to buy with a business account


- You have to be an authorized company to buy and sell wine in your country. This profile is for wine importers, wine distributors and wine retailers only.

- Apply on our website for free to be assigned to the business profile. To do this, fill out the form below. Please submit the application with the same username that will have business discounts for future purchases.


- Payment in advance by bank transfer. In this profile, credit or debit cards are not accepted as a payment method.

- Make minimum purchases of 100€.

- Make at least one annual purchase to keep your business profile active.

- These purchases as a business customer are not available for products with price higher than 50€.

- Purchases to Velvet Bull Portugal and Velvet Bull Spain must be made separately. Each product has the information to which one it belongs to.

- Delivery time is 2 to 3 weeks.

- These overall conditions can be changed at any moment without advanced warning.


- You can benefit of 19% VAT deduction because you will be invoiced with our German VAT ID.

- Discount of 5% for being a business customer.

- All taxes already paid.

*( If a specific product promotion is active the highest discount will be applied, the business or the promotion one.)

Shipping Methods:

We ship weekly to Germany. Islands not included.

- Shipping in boxes: you can buy boxes as long as you meet the minimum purchase value. Also, for each reference of wine bought, it has to be in multiples of 6 bottles. The shipping price will be calculated on the cart according to the number of bottles bought.

- Shipping in a pallet: you can buy up to 480 bottles per pallet, paying a fixed shipping price of 200/250€. Delivery on the ground floor without handling. The customer must be prepared to receive pallets.

Business Form

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