Alambre Moscatel 10 Anos 500ml - Vinho Fortificado

Alambre Moscatel 10 Anos 500ml - Vinho Fortificado
Vendedor: Velvet Bull Portugal
José Maria da Fonseca
Península de Setúbal
Vinho Fortificado
Moscatel de Setúbal
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Alambre Moscatel 10 Years
Producer Notes

This special Moscatel de Setúbal was handled with extreme care during its production; the best lots were selected, being the result a wine with a deeper colour, with high complexity and volume in the mouth, keeping its elegance and softness which are the essence of this product.

Grape varieties: Moscatel de Setúbal

Tasting notes
Color: Dark golden.
Aroma: Orange peel, apricot, nuts, honey and fennel.
Palate: Toast and fruit. Soft.
Finish: Very long.

Vinification: After the grapes are delivered to the winery the alcohol is analysed in order for the brandy to be added at the ideal moment.

Ageing: Used oak barrels. The age of 10 years blend varies between 10 to 15 years.

Alcohol: 17,5%

Serving suggestions: At a temperature of 16ºC with desserts. The 10 years blend can also be served as an appetizer at 10ºC.

Storage: The bottles should be laid down at a temperature of 15ºC and 60% humidity.

Shelf life: These wines are subjected in their aging, a natural oxidation process. Thus, there is no progress after bottling. If the bottle storage after open is done correctly, this wine will remain the same for many years.

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