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Port Wine Royal Oporto Ruby Fortified Wine

Port Wine Royal Oporto Ruby Fortified Wine
Seller: Velvet Bull Portugal
Real Companhia Velha
Porto e Douro
Fortified Wine
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6,94 €
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Producer Notes

Port Wine
Port Wine is, by definition, a generous and full-bodied wine, produced in the Douro Region - the oldest Demarcated Wine Region in the world. Produced from grapes traditionally used in the region, its vinification process is characterized by the addition of grape brandy to the must in full fermentation.
The Royal Oporto Ruby comes from a lot of different Port Wines, rigorously selected and aged oak barrels, which has character and an age corresponding to 2 years.

Winemaking and Ageing
The Porto Wines dedicated to the Royal Oporto Ruby lots begin the fermentation in "autovinificadores" with pelicular contact until the interruption of the fermentation through the addition of the brandy. Applicants to the lot then train in oak ferries for a maximum of two years.

Tasting Notes
The Ruby Port of ruby color and violet nuances, rich in aromas of red fruits. This port is characterized by its youth, and by the softness and harmony in the palate.

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