Lancers White Free - White Wine

Seller: Velvet Bull Portugal
José Maria da Fonseca, Península de Setúbal
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LANCERS free White

The visit of Henry Behar, an American, to José Maria da Fonseca, prior to the Second World War end, and his idea of launching a rose wine in the United States, became in fact, the absolute turning point of the company’s business.
Lancers distribution throughout north-american market allowed that, in mid sixties, half a million cases was sold. Lancers sales soared remarkably, reaching 1 million cases in the late 70s.
Lancers image represented, since the beginning, an appealing product, easy to drink, with a readable name (the wine was christened “Lancers” in homage to one of Mr. Behar’s favourite paintings: “Las Lanzas” by Velázquez), versatile with every type of food, accessible to young generations of north-american’ consumers, fulfilling all the necessary requirements to a spread diversity of drinking moments.
Aware of the consumers’ new concerns and trends, and with the purpose of creating more consumption situations, José Maria da Fonseca, following the launching of Lancers Rose Free, decides to launch a new Lancers White Free. It is an alcoholfree wine (due to de-alcoholization process), addressed to wine lovers who, due to the most various reasons, and in particular situations, prefer to drink a non-alcoholic wine.

Vintage Information
Classification: Alcohol-free white wine
Region: Portugal
Grape varieties: Fernão Pires and Arinto

Tasting notes
Colour: Lime green
Aroma: Tropical fruit (pineapple)
Palate: Light, soft, fruity and refreshing
Finish: Médium

White must is fermented at 15ºC. After fermentation takes place, the wine is dealcoholized.

Alcohol 0.5%

Serving suggestions
Serve on its own or with any kind of food. Lancers goes very well with salads, chicken dishes, Italian and Mexican food. It should be served well chilled at a temperature of 5ºC.
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