Loridos Vintage - Sparkling Wine

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Castelão, Arinto
Quinta dos Loridos, Península de Setúbal
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Loridos Vintage Bruto
Sparkling Wine

Color: White
Capacity: 750ml
Grape Varieties: Castelão (red variety) and Arinto (white variety)
Alcohol: 12,5% Vol.

Winemaking and Ageing
The base wine consists of 75% white wine of red grape variety (Blanc de Noir) and 25% white wine (Blanc de Blanc).
The primary fermentation of the grapes occurs in used oak casks, followed by a second alcoholic fermentation where the base wine is assembled to make the cuvée and bottled the following spring, adding to it the yeast and liqueur de tirage.
The bottles containing the yeast (sur lies) are then left to age in the cellars at Quinta dos Loridos. The bottles then undergo a manual process known as riddling (remuage) where they are placed with the cork pointing down on special racks (pupitres) and given a shake every few days forcing the sediment into the neck of the bottle. Finally, the removal process known as degorgement takes place where the cork and the lees are removed, producing an extra Brut sparkling wine.

Tasting notes
We emphasise the fine yet persistent bubble, golden yellow being its dominant colour; in the mouth, a creamy sensation, flavours of pear, apple, dried fruits, a good acidity and a long and persistent finish.

Aperitifs, dried fruits or with a fish meal or a roast.

Serving temperature: 8°C
The storage or keeping conditions of the wine are very important if we want to preserve the wine's characteristics and guarantee a regular evolution for a long time. The storage place should guarantee:
- temperature around 10º-12º;
- some ventilation to avoid fungus proliferation;
- should allow the horizontal disposal of the bottles;
- absence of oscillations and vibrations;
- absence of unpleasant odors;
- bottles should be away from light;
- relative humidity should be high.
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