Port wine Burmester White - Fortified Wine

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Viosinho, Malvasia Fina, Verdelho, Rabigato
Burmester, Porto
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Producer Notes:
The vineyard is disposed along the slopes on horizontal levels and, more recently, they are planted along the lines of the greatest slopes, so called “Vinha ao Alto” (vertically planted vines).

Schist greywacke ante-Ordovician, with some inclusions of a geological formation of granitic involving nature.

Height - Up to 600 meters.

The producing process includes stopping the fermentation of the must by adding grape brandy (benefit or fortification), the blending of wines and the ageing. The fermentation takes place in stainless-steel vats with pellicle maceration at the temperature of 20ºC, until reaching the desired Bé, adding grape brandy at this phase. Obtained by the blending of different matured wines with a minimum ageing of three years in inox and wood.

Tasting Notes
Lively citrine colour with greenish reflexes. Rich and complex nose, dominated by floral aromas and an intense expression of fruit. Smooth and silky in the taste, reveals a great freshness, good balance and sophisticated elegance.

The wine should be stored in a fresh, dry and dark place, without temperature variations. The bottle must remain up-right. As a natural product, the Port Wine is subject to create deposit when ageing. To guarantee the plenitude of his quality, this wine can be kept in the bottle up to 2 years and, once opened, should be consumed within 6 months. Ideal to be served with salads, fruits and cakes at a temperature between 8º and 10ºC.

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