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José Maria da Fonseca, Península de Setúbal
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Lancers was launched in 1944, after Henry Behar visited Europe with the objective of finding a rosé wine that could be particularly appealing to the American palate. His search ended in Portugal, more precisely in the Palmela region, in the famous cellars of José Maria da Fonseca. There, he found the moderately sweet, sparkling rosé wine he had been looking for.
The wine was christened “Lancers” in homage to one of Mr. Behar’s favourite paintings: “Las Lanzas” by Velázquez. Produced from the best Portuguese grape varieties, the first shipment of Lancers arrived in the US in late 1944. The distributor was Vintages Wines.
In 1964 Henry Behar and his partners sold Vintage Wines to Hublein Inc., which became the exclusive distributor of Lancers in the US and started its expansion into new markets all over the world. Lancers sales soared remarkably in the United States, reaching 1 million cases in the late 70s.
Presently Lancers continues to be a case-study for success, having a world-wide presence and being one of the Portuguese wines most sold around the world.
Lancers is an easy-to-drink semi-sparkling wine and goes very well with salads, pasta, Mexican, Chinese and Mediterranean Food.

Vintage Information
Classification: White wine
Region: Portugal
Grape varieties: A blend of white Portuguese grapes

Tasting notes:
Colour: Bright yellow
Aroma: Light, fresh, fruity (lemon, lime and banana) and slightly sparkling
Palate: Nice, thin, and fruity with some sweetness
Finish: Médium

Alcohol 10.5%

Serving suggestions
Serve on its own or as a perfect complement to any food. Lancers goes very well with Mexican and Italian dishes. It should be served well chilled at a temperature of 8/10ºC.
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