Marques de haro - Red Wine

Tempranillo, Graciano
Rioja Alta, Rioja
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Marqués de Haro

Analytical Data
Alcohol content: 13.4 % volume
Dry extract: 29 g/l
Total acidity: 5.21 g/l (tartaric)
Volatile acidity: 0.71 g/l (acetic)

The wine
The result of the research programme supervised by Julio Sáenz, our oenologist, conducted in the winery's Experimentation Hall.
The primary purpose of the Experimentation Hall is to study the different factors affecting the quality and style of our wines, in addition research is also focused on new wine market trends so, in cases like this, we also make completely new wines.
In this new project we are continuing to base our work on two fundamental principles: coupage, a mixture of varieties; Tempranillo as the base of our wines and Graciano, a local Rioja variety which adds elegance and freshness. Furthermore, for the first time, we have added a new value, ageing in new French oak casks, which has enabled us to maintain the liveliness, freshness and fruitiness of this vintage.

The vineyard and the grapes
Tempranillo (85%) from a selection of old vineyards in Briñas and Villalba, with gobelet training on clay loam soil, and 15% of Graciano from the Melchorón vineyard in Rodezno, trained in bilateral cordon on sound soil.

Production and ageing
Production involved the Bordeaux crushing/de-stalking system, followed by 9 days of alcoholic fermentation at a controlled temperature of 28 ºC. The fermented wine remained with its skins for 7 days in order to ensure the required structure and colour. Malolactic fermentation took place in stainless steel tanks for 35 days, after which the wine was transferred to casks in the Experimentation Room in May, 2006. The Tempranillo was aged in new French (60%) and American oak casks (40%), whereas the Graciano remained in new American oak. After twelve months in the cask, and being racked by hand twice after 4 and 12 months, it was bottled after a slight filtration process in July 2007.

Tasting notes
Very bright cherry red colour, with a medium-high robe. Fresh and clean to the nose, with hints of ripe berries (blackberries and gooseberries), roasting and tobacco. After agitating the glass, they give way to hints of walnuts, cinnamon and sweet liquorice. Direct on the palate, with a good balance between alcohol and acidity; marked tannins leave an elegant aftertaste with liquorice and tobacco highlights.
This wine has an outstanding lively, fresh personality. After a short time in the bottle, we believe that it will become full-bodied with an deep and complex bouquet.