Áster crianza - Red Wine

Tinta del País
Áster, Ribera del Duero
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Áster Crianza

100% local red from the Fuentecojo and El Caño lots, on silt loam soil.

The Harvest
The vineyards growth cycle was normal, with ideal health. Blooming and setting were complete and on time. Although the very high temperatures at the end of the summer made the pulp ripen earlier than the skins, the moderate temperatures and dry weather at the end of September provided some equilibrium, and the grapes completed the ripening process in full health. They were harvested into 20 kg crates. In the vats, the must presented fruity intensity which, with its balanced sugars and acidity and mature tannins, anticipated the great quality of the material of which the new wine would be made.

Production and Ageing
After stem-removal and pressing, the grapes underwent alcoholic fermentation for 10 days in stainless steel vats, where they remained in contact with the skins for another 5 days. The wine was transferred to new tanks where it underwent 38 days of malolactic fermentation. After the winter, it was transferred to casks: 50% new French oak, 25% new American oak and the rest in American oak that had been used several times. It remained in the casks for 20 months, where it was racked three times using the traditional cask-to-cask method. It was bottled in July 2009.
Heavy robe, dark cherry red with pink rim. Very intense to the nose, with a pleasant blend of deep wood, blackberries and sugared plums against a spicy background of clove, cedar and noble wood. Powerful and well-balanced to the palate, marked by gentle tannins. This Ribera is becoming more polished in the bottle.

Serving Suggestions
Áster Crianza 2006 is great company for roast lamb, game stews and highly cured.

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