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Viosinho, Arinto, Viognier
José Maria da Fonseca, Península de Setúbal
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This wine comes from the Pasmados estate. With 18 hectares of vine it is located in the foothills of the Arrábida Mountain in the Setúbal Península, five kilometres to the west of Azeitão.
In 1998 we decided to change the blend of the grape varieties, with Chardonnay giving way to Viosinho. Another change was also introduced. The Arinto and
Esgana grape varieties were no longer grown on clay-limestone soils, but were moved to sandy ones. In 2005 the Viognier grape variety, which has existed in our vineyards for over 40 years, was added to the blend to increase complexity. In 2008 we removed Esgana grape variety from the blend, allowing the wine to gain a greater personality.
Pasmados white is one of the top white wines from José Maria da Fonseca being released only after a minimum period of two years after the harvest.

Domingos Soares Franco, Winemaker and Vice President, studied viticulture and oenology in Davis, California. After graduation he joined the company in the 1980s and, being one of the most innovative of the new generation of Portuguese winemakers, brought significant changes to the style of his wines.

Vintage Information
Classification: Vinho Regional Península de Setúbal
Region: Setubal Peninsula
Grape varieties: Viosinho (50%), Arinto (30%) and Viognier (20%)
Type of soil: Clay-lime

Tasting notes
Colour: Straw
Aroma: Apple, pear, apricot, spices. Despite the straw color, flavour maintains freshness and acidity.
Palate: Good fruit, balanced acidity. Good evolution
Finish: Long

Fermentation in French oak casks at 18ºC, where it aged for 6 months with bâtonnage. After being bottled it was laid down in our cellars.

Alcohol 12.8%

Serving Suggestions
Serve at a temperature of 13ºC and consumed at 14ºC with fish and seafood
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