Hermitage La Chapelle - Red Wine

Paul Jaboule Aîné, Rhône
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Producer Notes:
The name of Hermitage La Chapelle is linked to the little
chapel of Saint-Christophe overlooking the terraced
vineyards along the Rhône. Maison Paul Jaboulet Aîné has
been the sole owner since 1919. The diversity of “terroirs” on these lands gives our wine an identity of its own, thanks to the blending of grapes from different plots.
The Syrah vines are planted in rich and varied soils with
very diverse terroirs (les Bessards, les Greffieux, le Méal
and les Rocoules). It is the richness of these different terroirs that provides our Hermitage La Chapelle with its complexity.
Grape Variety: Very old Syrah vines; goblet pruning on stakes.
Age of the vines: 40 to 60 years.
Grapes are brought down from the slopes of l’Hermitage on
small sledges, after which they are sorted by hand and
vinified traditionally in our wineries. Final blending is carried out during the ageing process and is done through judicious selection from the different terroirs of l’Hermitage.
Ageing: La Chapelle is aged in wood in our ancient “VINEUM” cellar for 15 to 18 months. During this process the wines are also racked.
Yield: Low yields of 10 to 18 hl/ha.
Colour: Intense ruby red, limpid and bright.
Highly complex, distinguished nose, revealing the Syrah’s
great finesse. Black fruits, sweet spices and, ultimately,
finely woody.
Full and generous, silky tannins and a very long finish.
Matching Food and Wine:
Tournedos rossini
Braised veal sweetbread with morels
Roast squab with cèpes
Serving Temperature: 16 to 18°.
Best enjoyed within: 15 to 25 years.

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